03 Pentru Tine

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Pentru Tine

Track 3 of the album "Out Of The Blue"

Written and produced by Xander Nichting and Bokkie Vink
Acoustic Guitar: Frank Stukker
All other instruments and arrangement: Xander Nichting

I would like to dedicate this song to the abandoned children of Valea Screzii, Romania.
To Asociata Pro Vita, that created this village as a shelter and protection from the outside world, the families who take them into their homes, the builders, the teachers, ...
To the wonderful group of people from Holland with whom I may visit this village each year to give workshops, and show them that there are a lot of people out there who care.
I am impressed each time I go there, with the warmth and love that seems to be so natural there.
I am given much more to take home, than I thought I would be bringing, and I cannot thank you enough for this.

This song is ... For You.